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About me Barry Bernau

I started my career at age 12 working the summers for my dad, pasting wallpaper and matching light switch plates. Shortly after working those summers, I ventured out to start my own business, Bernau Designs in 1990.

My career has taken me from hanging wallpaper to faux finishing to working as a scenic artist on a movie sets to working on the Nuclear Cowboyz and Disney on Ice show for Feld Entertainment, to writing my first IOS app that made The UK Telegraph’s The 30 best property apps …  all the way to doing the best epoxy garage floors you will ever see!

My philosophy

Over the years, I have worked with many talented people from designers to builders to people that were constantly perfecting their craft or trade…

Someone, once asked me, “What does it take to do a good floor job?” My response was, ”Pride…pride in myself because my name is on the work that I do. My work reflects who I am.”

Now, what does it take to do a great epoxy floor job…  Pride and a love for what you do. I believe that’s the common thread from those I have respected throughout the years and were amongst the best in their industry. What distinguishes those people from the rest is pride in one’s self and a love or a passion for what they do.

…And I have learned something from them all!

Barry Bernau