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Garage floor Coatings that last

Solid as a Rock.

We all love to see a nice shiny, beautiful garage floor at the end of a job. At Bernau Designs, we love to see a shiny, beautiful floor after 10 years from the date when the garage floor was originally installed. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison

… ideas are nothing without execution.

Damaged aged concrete
We take our craft very seriously because our clients are serious about their floors. That means no cutting corners.  We Diamond grind the surface of our floors to create a profile that is optimal for absorbing the new protective floor coating.
Diamond grinding the surface of concrete prior to epoxy
Prior to filling cracks, it is essential to v-notch the crack and chase it with a diamond wheel cutter to the end of the slab. After that, we clean the crack and fill it with a special polymer pending on the climatic region where you reside and the hardness of the concrete.
V-Notch crack chasing

Always use an epoxy primer

My favorite product is General polymers 3477 also known as Emulsion.  After the concrete has been thoroughly profiled and cleaned the surface is ready a primer. The primer’s job is meant to be of thin viscosity to deeply penetrate into the capillaries of the concrete slab. This benefits by chelating, therefore promoting a strong bonding profile for our high solids epoxy or any other coating you may choose. Another benefit to this primer is little to no gassing of air bubbles when the base coat goes down because the primer has essentially plugged the small air holes that are no longer there.
General polymers 3477 epoxy primer
GP 3477 epoxy primer

Epoxy base coat

Now that your primer coat is dry and tacky. It is important to install the base coat in the allotted window of time for a good chemical bond to that primer coat. Our Granite Rock System is a 100% full broadcast of the decor chips into the base coat of epoxy while still wet. See below:
  • Prep
  • Prep
  • primer
  • base coat
  • Decor chips
  • Top coat
  •  🙂

Any block can opt into these alignments. The embed block has them also, and is responsive out of the box:

Top coat

Again, no cutting corners mean, not cutting the epoxy or thinning with a solvent, especially on the top coat. This is our lovely shiny, durable non-skid top coat of epoxy or urethane. This is a very generous layer of epoxy and is back rolled to perfection powdered aluminum oxide for grip and added extreme durability. With determination, patience and hard work, the result will be a long lasting beautiful floor and one very happy customer.
epoxy chip floor
epoxy garage floor
Execution is Poetry Bernau Designs